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This is a request post where you can post your requests. Duh!

There are a few rules that you may want to read before posting your requests.

1.Icon, banner, header, animation, art for your fic only.

2.Please state your request as clearly as you can. For example if you want a header, please tell me the size too.

3.One art per post only. Although there’s a fat chance that you’ll get more than one since I suck at making decision and usually end up with more than one versions.

4.Other fandoms is okay. But you have to provide me the pics you want.

5.J2 slash or any other slash couples and gen is okay. And if I really really like you, het is okay too. But I don’t do wincest and I’m not fond of underage sex.

6. No art from actor's personal photo.

6.Finally, standard rules credit, don’t re-post without my consent and do not hotlink.

The finished arts will be post on my LJ (as a public post). I'll reply to your comment once I finish.

If you'd like to see my earlier works go to my tag page. If you have any other questions please post them on this post.

Now jump in and make me busy! :D


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